This is what people have said about me …

It has made me look at my own contribution to the relationship to my marriage rather than just foucssing on what went wrong. I can now openly talk to my husband without feeling and lack of effort to talk to him. I believe we will start a fresh new relationship. (Female, Couple Sept 2017)

Thank you for being so understanding of my condition and even when I wasn’t able to talk through crying you gave me a chance to compose myself and relax back into the session. (Female, July 2017)

Excellent and worthwhile. (Male, July 2017)

I felt these sessions have helped me in a lot of ways. I feel that I am back to my normal self. (Female, June 2017)

I did not think talking about it would help but it really has. I felt Ursula listened as she repeated things back to me. It has been very useful to talk about things on my mind without being judged. Thank you. (Female, Nov 2016)

Lovely lady – was easy to be open with – feel relaxed in her company. (Male, June 2016)

Thankyou for the brilliant counselling sessions. They have been very helpful and I will use the technigues you have shown me. (Female, May 2015)

I wasn’t at all sure about whether I should be doing this. In spite of that anxiety I found the experience to be very helpful.It was good to be heard – and to hear words repeated. I didn’t realise there was so so much locked away and it is so good to feel free to “walk” with it and close the thread. Thank you. (Female, June 2013)

Off all those surveyed (clients who have attended 2 or more sessions) 100% have said they would recommend me to a friend or colleague.